Make Money From Home

Are you interested in learning how to make money from home? Has the idea of being your own boss and working your own hours always intrigued you? There are definitely money making opportunities out there for those ready to make it happen.

Focus Your Goals To Make Money Online

If you are ready to take the next step, it’s important to remember your goals daily. Having a daily schedule and plan is a way to insure you are progressing towards your money making goals. This guide is not a plan for a slow crawl towards earning income. This is the way to start making money today, and begin a climb towards quickly making a lot of money.

The Nuts and Bolts

There are thousands of websites available to you to get started. Blogger, WordPress, Ezine, Hubpages and Squidoo are the websites which allow you to post content. Google Adsense, Clickbank and Amazon Affiliates will be the key to monetizing your content. So how do these sites work? What will you need to do to start making money?

Blooger and WordPress are the sites you will post your most informative, unique content. They are both free sites. Once you have signed up it will be time to develop a few key items. Aside from having original content, you will want your site to have an organized, attractive look. This will take a little time. You can experiment with many different templates and themes. In doing so you will set your site apart from many who just set up their content sites with the most basic of formats.

Next, it will be time to look at what you will be posting about. Keywords, niches and page rank are terms you will hear thrown about a lot when researching ways to monetize a content site. These terms can be difficult to understand until you have developed a site. There are multiple articles, and a lot of information available on keywords and niche markets. Basically, you want to find a keyword and niche you are knowledgeable about. These need to also be keywords that are not being monetized by millions of other websites. When you figure out your niche, you will use the keywords to drive search traffic to your site, and this will increase your page rank. Page ranking helps determine how much money you make.

Ezine, Hubpages and Squidoo are also valuable resources. These are sites with free signup where you can post articles on almost any subject. In posting these articles, you have the option of writing about your niche content, and linking back to your content site. This helps develop traffic for your site. The more traffic you drive manually to your site, the higher your page rank. The higher your page rank, and the more visitors you get, the closer you get to the top of the search engine’s first page. The closer you are to the first slot on the first page of Google for your niche, the more money you are making.

Monetizing Your Content

So now you have a blog with original content. You are driving traffic to the blog by writing original articles for other sites which link back to your blog. It is time to monetize. Adsense, Clickbank and Amazon Affiliates will be the keys to monetizing your website. These are the three main sources of income for most sites monetizing on original content with WordPress and Blogger.

Google Adsense is a free advertising service offered by Google. Basically, you sign up and select ad sizes to apply to your content site. Google Adsense will be able to “read” what your content area covers. It will then put up ads on your site offering other sites and products related to your content. Every time a visitor to your site clicks on a Google ad, you make some money.

Clickbank and Amazon Affiliates are both similar to Google Adsense, except they offer products instead of ads based around other sites. They will offer ads for your page which are either geared towards your content, or products that you select specifically to sell on your site. Every time a customer buys a product through your link, you make a percentage.

These are the starting tools to a quick income from the Internet. If the free tools are used correctly, they can begin making fast money to go into your pocket. There is much more information to learn, and it can all be rewarding and profitable.